Monday, May 22, 2006

Blog Link Exchange

If you would like to list your Art Blog here just leave your details below as a comment and I will get it up as soon as possible.

This will help with link popularity for search engines

My own address is

It would be good to see my title with an url link as follows Arts & Stuff or just Susan Borgas if you prefer.

Please be aware as the title says, this is a link exchange.

To be fair to those that link back to me, comments that do not end up as a link exchange will eventually be removed along with any blog link.

Daily Pastel Painting
Daily Paintings and Sketches by Cori Nicholls
Annaig's Fine Art Studio
Tres Hommel
Joyce Brandon
Adventures in Art
Jims Imaginations
Oceanic Wilderness
Madelaine Fedorowich
Illustrated Life
Merethe's Creative Corner
June's pad
I Landscape
Sharron"Shez"Marshall, Fine Art Studio, A Day At A Time!!
A Constant Search
The Studio News
Doris Joa Artstudio
Bit by Bit
Rose's Art Lines
Pastel Artist Annie-Maree
Lifeoncanvas by Carolyn Hietala
Les Lull
My Quest to Make a Living as an Artist
It's All In The Details...
René Plein Air
Jeanne Grant
Portraits from Photos by Karie-Ann Cooper

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Daily Paintings said...

Sue, Is this what you need??

Cori said...

Daily Paintings and Sketches by Cori Nicholls

Susan Borgas said...

Done!!! :)

annaigart said...

Thanks for starting this, Sue!
Annaig's Fine Art Studio

Tres said...

Tres Hommel

There ya go!!! :)

JoyceB said...

I'd love a link!

Joyce Brandon

I'll have you link up in a moment! (I have artist's links in my sidebar)

Claire said...

Adventures in Art

Thanks for doing this!

Susan Borgas said...

I just added some colour to the link to this page on my main blog.

Stands out much more now so that it catches my visitors eye.

Misti said...

SquashedToad said...

Madelaine Fedorowich

SquashedToad said...

... I'm using blogroll as my link organizer... might take a little bit for your link to show up... but it will!

~ Madelaine

Jeanette Jobson said...

Great idea Sue!

Merethe Torbergsen said...

I'd love a link too!:)

Merethe's Creative corner

That should be all?

Susan Borgas said...

Welcome Merethe, you link is now posted. I see your blog is new. All the best with it. Cheers, Sue

Shez said...

Thanks for starting this Sue.
I'd love a link!!

Sharron"Shez"Marshall, Fine Art Studio, A Day At A Time!!

Will put your link up right away
Cheers, Shez

Susan Borgas said...

All done now Shez! :D

Mary said...

A Constant Search

Sue, this is a wonderful idea!

Susan Borgas said...

Welcome to you Mary, you are now listed. :D

Lisa Bachman said...

Hi Susan,

I have a linky to your blog in my sidebar located under "More Art Blogs." Could I get added to your link exchange too?

Thank you!

Lisa B.

Susan Borgas said...

Welcome Lisa, you are now listed :)

Doris Joa said...

Hi Susan, I have added your link to my blog in the sidebar. Would you also add my link to your blog? Thank you very much. Doris

Susan Borgas said...

Hi Doris!
Thanks for listing me, your link is now listed :)
Cheers, Sue

Linda said...

Hi Susan, I added your page to my sidebar, under "Other Blogs I Read". :)

My blog is at

Thanks! :)

-- Linda

René said...

Please as

I already took the liberty to link you, .......

Great idea indeed!

"JeanneG" said...

Jeanne Grant

Thanks, I will add yours to my blog.

Karie said...

Hi Susan, my blog is,
yours has already been added to my blog